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“Oh she has definitely changed…in the way she feels about her school life, her home life, and just the way she is in herself – she is a lot happier.” – Parent

"Place2Be helps you feel less angry, make friends, get more confident, sort out your problems, make you feel special, make everything better." – Year 5 pupil


What is Place2Be?

Place2Be is a national charity working in over 257 UK schools to improve the confidence and emotional wellbeing of children. We help children to develop resilience by supporting them when they are experiencing challenging life issues and helping them to develop self-confidence and lifelong coping skills. When children are supported in this way, they are able to learn more easily and that means less worry for parents. Place2Be also supports teachers and school staff members to think through the emotional needs of children and advises and supports the school leadership which helps the whole school to thrive.


How we help children

All children can find help with friendship issues and other worries by choosing to visit Place2Talk. These short lunchtime sessions are open to individuals and to groups. Place2Be also works with children one-to-one and in small groups, offering regular time-tabled support for those who will benefit most. The school will often refer children for this service.


How we help families

We routinely meet with parents to discuss any concerns they may have about their children.


How Place2Be works

There is a Place2Be room inside the school where children attending one-to-one sessions can go to express and think about their worries, through talking, creative work and play. Trained adults support this process, helping children to find new ways of coping with difficulties so they don’t get in the way of friendships or learning.  This in turn makes school a happier place to be for all the children and our school staff. Place2Be at TSM also supports teachers and school staff to think through the emotional needs of children.


Times when we’re especially useful

There are times when children feel particularly sad, confused, fearful or angry, due to, for example, family challenges such as separation or illness, or even the death of a much-loved pet. Some children may become withdrawn; others may become demanding or challenging in their behaviour: that’s when having Place2Be in school is especially helpful.


Who is eligible for Place2Be?

Any child requiring emotional support for any reason can access Place2Be and the support they offer.


A Place for Parents

A Place for Parents is a free and confidential service.  It offers time and space with a qualified professional Parent Counsellor to support adults with any issues they may have.  The sessions are offered weekly and typically last from 8 – 24 weeks.

Place2Be: Parenting Smart - Please click here for more information

If you have any questions and would like to find out more about the services that Place2Be can provide please talk to the Place2Be School Project Manager.  At Trinity St Mary’s, our School Project Manager is Maria Troupkou who is in school all day on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You can contact her through the school office, by telephone on 020 8675 3056 (direct line). .


To find out more about Place2Be, please visit our website: