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Geography is taught through our Oddizzi scheme of work. Children at TSM are taught key geographical skills as well as knowledge relating to the subject. Children at TSM are passionate about the environment and this is reflected throughout our curriculum that includes eco-focused topics linked to their science learning.





At Trinity St Mary’s our geography curriculum aspires to develop a progressive understanding and knowledge of local and global environments, to foster a fascination of places, people and natural and physical environments. Through the Oddizzi scheme of work, the children are given the opportunity to explore subjects that are relevant and interesting to them. By the time children leave Trinity St Mary’s, they will have learnt about a range of countries from across the world and become confident geographers, equipped with a rich and diverse knowledge of human and physical environments through the teaching of ‘sticky knowledge’. As children progress through the school, they will acquire geographical skills that enable them to interpret a range of geographical information.



Geography at Trinity St Mary’s is taught through various units throughout the year so that children can achieve depth in their learning. The Oddizzi scheme allows progression throughout the year groups to ensure knowledge and skills are embedded. Our curriculum follows the National Curriculum and is taught using ‘sticky knowledge’ which children will need to learn by the end of each unit.

Throughout KS1 and KS2, children are provided with the opportunity to use their knowledge organisers to support them, allowing them to develop their understanding and knowledge. Additionally, this enables our teachers to identify any gaps in knowledge and provides an opportunity to clarify misconceptions if needed. Children are given access to a range of resources to develop learning through atlases, maps, globes, compasses and a high quality range of books selected for each unit. We use writing in Geography as an opportunity for children to showcase what they have learnt and embed their knowledge. Challenge is achieved through questioning and differentiation by outcome during lessons. At the end of each unit, children complete an ‘End of Unit Quiz’ which is focused on assessing the children’s ‘sticky knowledge’.



Trinity St Mary’s delivers a high-quality curriculum that is progressive, inclusive and fosters a fascination about the world. Our curriculum equips children with geographical skills and knowledge about diverse people and the natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.