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Year 5 were lucky enough to be able to use some fantastic equipment that was lent to us by the Kings School, Chester, in their Science lessons this week. The children made circuits using batteries, bulbs and switches and then adapted these to test the conductivity of different materials.

The children tested whether tinfoil, cutlery, split pins, bubble wrap and pencils would complete a circuit and allow a bulb to light up. Once they had tested these materials, the children spontaneously went on a hunt for the most conductive material around the classroom!

After they had come to a decision on what was the most conductive material, they had to use this to inform a football team of the best material to use in order to make their floodlights shine the brightest. They decided that it would be tinfoil, although the metal that is used in radiators also makes a great conductor!

The children presented their findings to the rest of the class; it was a thoroughly enjoyable lesson and they are looking forward to many more practical science investigations.