Trinity St Mary's CE Primary School

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Parents Charter

I have the right….    I have the responsibility….
To send my child to school. To send my child to school every day, on time and wearing the correct school uniform.
To have an opinion and express my views. To express my views and opinions in a calm, appropriate and respectful manner.
To be informed with regards to my child’s education. To meet with my child’s teacher at parents’ evenings and to work with the teacher to support my child’s learning.
To ensure my child has a healthy meal at lunchtime. To provide a healthy packed lunch or to discuss choices if school lunch is provided.
For my child to have access to a variety of clubs, activities and fund raising events. To ensure my child attends clubs regularly and that they are collected on time. To enable my child to join in with fund-raising events.
For homework to be set, weekly, for my child. To ensure my child completes their homework to the best of their ability, and hands it in on time.