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At our school, the environment is very important because we are trying to keep our animals safe from danger and making sure that the air they and we breathe is not bad with pollution.  Climate change is getting worse and we have ice caps which are melting and we are losing amazing animals like our Polar Bears! In Year 4 we adopted a Polar Bear, through the World Wildlife Fund, when we were learning about them during our topic ‘The Frozen Artic’.

We are an Eco-school and we actually care! We have a committee of Eco-warriors who help run events to raise money for different causes, e.g. Earth Day, when we raised enough money to adopt 4 more endangered animals.

We are trying to recycle and put our rubbish in the correct bins, so that we can help to improve our environment. Part of the eco-warriors job is to collect the recycling rubbish and place it in the bins and making sure that things that can be recycled are not put in the non-recycle rubbish bin.

If you would like to learn more about what we do and how our world is important to us, then please look at the photos in our school gallery or look at our class pages and learn about our curriculum. As a school we also post videos on our website about what we have learnt.

If you are one of our parents then please help our school, children and world, by parking properly outside TSM, turn off your car engine and help stop cars polluting our air by allowing your car to idle.

Check it out!!

Below is our eco-charter, which lists all the ways in which we at TSM are trying to help our world become a better place for all plants, animals and people.