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In Year 6 the children have been learning all about the body, with particular focus on the heart. Thanks to our links with King’s School in Chester, they were able to conduct an additional experiment using the ‘science boxes’ on loan to our school. This experiment enabled the children to see the impact that certain activities have on the heart rate; the results produced very much contrasted with their initial predictions.

The children used the model of the heart to revisit their understanding of what causes the heart to 'beat'. They then looked at their experiment and decided that their method of calculating their heart beat was flawed. Through exploring the contents of the ‘science box’ the children decided that using appropriate scientific equipment would allow them to obtain more accurate results.

After careful consideration, and some practical activities in class, the children decided upon the heart rate monitors (although the stethoscopes proved very popular!) They were able to obtain much more accurate readings upon repeating the experiment, using the heart rate monitors to obtain accurate results in no time at all.

The children wouldn't have been able to complete this experiment without the equipment that was in the ‘science box’ and so it provided a really valuable hands-on experience, showing them the difference that having scientific equipment can make and the effect that this has on the accuracy of their data.