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School Uniform
We expect the children in the Early Years of Trinity St Mary’s to wear school uniform as follows:-
  • Royal blue sweatshirt with the school logo on it
  • Royal blue polo shirt with logo or plain white polo shirt
  • Navy blue or grey skirt, pinafore dress
  • Black or grey trousers
  • Navy blue, grey or white socks/tights
  • Black shoes which must be practical, comfortable and safe

We expect years 1 - 6 at Trinity St Mary's to wear school uniform as follows:-

  • School Blazer
  • School Jumper - Royal & Red
  • School Ties
  • Plain white shirt or polo shirt
  • Navy blue or grey skirt, pinafore dress
  • Black or grey trousers
  • Navy blue, grey, white or black socks/tights
  • Black shoes, which must be practical comfortable and safe (no trainers)

Additional summer wear:

  • Dress - blue and white checks or stripes
  • Grey or black shorts 


All children must have the following P.E. kit in school to change into: shorts - these should not be long shorts
T- shirt
Tracksuits may be worn for outside games.

Standard Uniform items with logo may be purchased from the school office.

Jewellery must not be worn - this is for safety reasons. 
Long hair must be tied back in a ponytail. Hair may be shaven all over, but no hair art, logos, mohekann etc hair styles are allowed.
Please make sure your child does not wear jewellery as it will have to be removed when they reach school.
We will not be responsible for any jewellery which is brought into school.
We would prefer children not to wear earrings for safety reasons, but if earrings must be worn please ensure they are small studs and not hoops.


Uniform Price List


 School Blazers sizes 24 to 30   £25.00
  sizes 32 to 38  £25.00
 School Jumpers sizes 26 to 30  £13.00
  sizes 32 to 38  £13.00
 School ties (in all house colours)    £3.00
 Waterproof Jackets    £7.00
 PE tops in house colours    £5.00
 Shorts (royal blue)    £5.00
 PE Bags    £4.50
 PE Set (all three PE items)    £13.00
 School Bag    £7.00
 Polo Top    £6.00
 Royal Sweatshirts    £8.00

If your child needs any uniform, please complete the form below and hand it into the office.

Uniform Order Form | Uniform Order Form Tiny TSM | Uniform Order Form 2018 for Nursery & Reception