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At TSM, we work hard to ensure all of our children are safe when they are using the internet. In recent years, technology and social media platforms has grown at a rapid rate and our children are exposed to dangers online.

Talking with your children about internet safety is extremely important and the following links and guidance are aimed at parents/carers to support you in making sensible changes to protect your children.

Did you know?

75% of children aged 5-15 have use of a hand-held tablet at home (not including mobile phones).

69% of 5-15 year olds regularly go online using tablets (there is no way of ‘filtering’ searches on a tablet – be aware what your child is accessing online as well as where they are accessing it). 

28% of 3-4 year olds regularly play games on the internet.

51% of of 3-4 year olds tend to use a tablet to go online as opposed to any other way.

28% of 8-11 year olds have a smartphone (do you know what apps your children are regularly playing on, who they are chatting to and what they are searching for on the internet?).

12% of 8-11 year olds think that ALL the information they read online is TRUE! It is important that we educate our children that not everything they read online is accurate.

21% of 8-11 year olds have some kind of social media profile.

Legal ages for social media platforms:

Minimum age: 13

Facebook         Snapchat         Pinterest         Google+           Viber            Twitter          Tumblr*         Instagram


Minimum age: 16



Minimum age: 17


Minimum age: 18 (with parental permission)


Please read the following information on how to keep children safe on the internet.

Report on maintaining a healthy digital lifestyle

Information on how to protect children from sharing sensitive information

If you would like further information please speak to the office.

This is the information arm of  the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency - CEOP. A very comprehensive and interactive site with sections of information for children of all ages, parents, and teachers. Teachers and other professionals can also download high quality videos, posters, and other materials. As with many other sites listed below there are direct links to the CEOP “Report Abuse” pages.

ChildNet International

An excellent site with lots of links to projects which can be used with children across the age range. The site includes “SMART” rules and sources of information for parents and carers. Bright, informative, and easy to use.

Department of Children,
Schools, and Families.

'Click Clever, Click Safe”
The DCSF is now promoting the “Click Clever, Click Safe” materials produced in collaboration with the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS). Free downloads available.
The BBC has a number of high-quality interactive games and videos for children around the theme of internet safety including “Dongle the Rabbit” and a safety film narrated by David Tennant - CLICK HERE
Child Exploitation and
Online Protection Agency
Source of information and links about child safety. Also has a reporting and information button on the front page as a “one stop” support source for anyone who is worried about an online issue.

Parents' E-safetly Powerpoint.




Here is a copy of the powerpoint presentation used at the latest E-safety workshop for parent